Wedding Ceremony Packages

As experienced and dedicated wedding officiants, we have adapted our process and are now offering Zoom Wedding packages for couples who are interested in a virtual wedding. We are proud to work closely with our clients and help them plan a Zoom ceremony that is just as intimate and personal as one held in a traditional,

in-person venue.



Your dream wedding can still be a reality in a virtual world. Together, we can create a customized Zoom wedding package that includes everything you need, such as:


  • Sending out guest invitations to the virtual wedding


  • Coordinating the necessary marriage paperwork that is required


  • Planning the ceremony, including the readings or toasts that you would like incorporated into the event


  • Hosting a virtual wedding rehearsal so that everyone feels prepared when the big day arrives


  • Officiating your Zoom ceremony with the same candor and commitment that we have for in-person weddings.


  • We are committed to making sure that our couples are in control and that they are able to take the lead in planning the virtual wedding that they want to have.

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