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It is our great delight to get to know you. Whether that is through writing a ceremony that not only tells your story but brings your loved ones along the emotional journey with us or helping design your vision of your special day. Our passion is telling your story. How do we do that? We start with YOU. We get to know you and your story together. We start with personal symbolism — moments, ideas, experiences that have shaped each of you and your relationship together. That’s why the first half of the writing process is very collaborative: We're learning your energy, the vibe you want for your celebration, and all the things that matter most to you. Then, you get to go about your business and we write take care of the rest armed with all of the stories, insights, and guidance you’ve provided.


Every wedding we are a part of  is unique. We have shy, gentle couples with peaceful, contemplative ceremonies and over-the-top joyful weddings that are basically a huge party with a wedding ceremony at the start. We've done traditional religious ceremonies with a modern twist, modern ceremonies that are light-hearted and playful, interfaith and intercultural ceremonies that blend different traditions and practices into a beautiful new melody everyone was delighted to hear.


Our goal is to be connected with you as your loved ones are by the time we stand together on your wedding day.

"Jaryn and Woodrow are the best! They are extremely communicative, very nice, and made our wonderful day even better and more memorable. After looking through multiple officiants, we knew we made the right choice picking them."

-Nathan & Sora 

Amazing experience! Made our day so special. Made everything very easy for us. A truly delightful couple who will make your wedding very memorable! 

                                                                  -Nick & Giovanna 

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