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Wedding Ceremony Packages

Wedding Accessories


Short & Sweet

If you are having a small modern ceremony with a hand full of friends and family or just Groom & Bride and you just want the “I Do” then this is the service for you. 

  •  We will start with a complimentary personal consultation


  • A short 10 minute long wedding ceremony. With Short vows, say “I DO”, Quick Ring Vows and a Kiss. This is not appropriate for a formal or medium to large Venue wedding ceremony. This “Fast Speed “ ceremony is designed for a small at-home or park ceremony with just a hand full of guests. This is a basic civil type ceremony, Non-Customize ceremony.


  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail communication.

  • Completion and filing of your marriage license with the County Clerk

  • Bilingual Services available ($100 fee)


Image by Nathan Dumlao


The everything you need and want package

If you are having a small, medium or large wedding in a very special setting and you desire a personalized ceremony, this would be the service level for you. 

We will start with a complimentary personal consultation


  • Unlimited calls, texts and emails: 24/7 communication.


  • You will have a beautiful & customized, one-of-a-kind ceremony written & performed exclusively for you.


  • Assistance with your personal vows (Optional), ring exchange vows, or any poem or special scripture you would like to incorporate in the ceremony.


  • Early arrival at ceremony site for optimal ceremony flow. 

  • Collaboration with your wedding vendors for best ceremony flow. 


  • Complete coordination services for your ceremony *CEREMONY ONLY*


  • Rehearsal: We will conduct your rehearsal.


  • Completion and filing of your marriage license with the County Clerk

**Bilingual services available**


The Complete Bundle

Are you searching for a wedding officiant and are wanting to schedule some premarital counselling sessions in preparation for your marriage? THIS is the bundle for you! ​Four sessions of premarital counseling and The Love Ceremony Package.                                             Investment:$750               

* Payment plan available

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